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Books are sold at cost price, £1 per copy, (+ pp £2.50 per order in UK, 2nd class post) for orders of 1 or 2 books. Please enter 1 or 2 for the number of books on the e-sales web site. That is, £3.50 for a single book, or £2.25 per book when buying 2 copies - buy one for a friend!

Books will soon be available outside the UK via Cambridge University Press. We will announce here.

Sales have now resumed through the University of Cambridge e-sales web site:

  • For "Mastering Essential Pre-University Physics" click here.
  • For "Mastering Essential Pre-University Physical Chemistry" click here.
  • For "Mastering Essential GCSE Physics" click here.
  • For "Pre-University Mathematics for Sciences" click here.
  • For "A Cavendish Quantum Mechanics Primer" click here
  • For "How to Solve Physics Problems" click here

For 20 or more books (at £1 per copy and modest P&P), please click here.

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