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  Isaac Physics Books

Isaac Physics Skills, 2nd edition:
Mastering Essential Pre-University Physics &
Developing Problem-Solving Skills

The exercises in Mastering essential pre-university physics helps students master the concepts of physics included in typical Sixth Form courses:

  • Use the skill sheets to practise applying single principles of physics to a range of situations, beginning with manipulating the essential equations.
  • Use the fact sheets to test physics knowledge.

Developing Problem-Solving Skills gives fully worked solutions for two isaacphysics problems to illustrate the methods and skills being developed. It also gives a sample question from each section of the isaacphysics MOOC.

Download here parts of Mastering Physics and of Problem-Solving.

Included are the content pages, introduction and the starts of the AS and the A2 sections of Mastering Physics, and all of Developing Problem-Solving book.

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Online versions of each sheet can be found at Registration is free and gives personalised support, for both students and teachers:
  • Students can enter their answers to questions for Isaac Physics to mark.
  • Teachers can set question sheets for homework and then obtain detailed results for each student.

Bulk orders (20 or more copies) can be made at £1 per book plus post and packing.

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